Hey Valued Users,

Attached here you can find the general introduction of ZWCAD Classic in PDF format to end user where you can customise it according to your own needs and specification. Learn More Now. 

ZWCAD Classic Introduction Contents :

1) ZWCAD Reliable and Efficient Design Tool

  • Seamless Compatibility
  • Zero Relearning Cost

2) ZWCAD Features 

  • Efficient Design- Drafting (Image, Hatch, Block & Revision Cloud)  
  • Efficient Design- Management (Design Center, Tool Palettes & Layer Properties Manager)  
  • Efficient Design- Time Saving (File Compare, Breaking Dimension Line , External Reference, Solid Profile, Field & Table)  
  • Efficient Design- Output (Plot, Publish, eTransmit & Render)  

3) Good Service Support

  • CAD FOCUS (Malaysia) Technical Support Assistance
  • ZWSOFT (Guangzhou) Technical Support Assistance
  • Frequent Q&A helpdesk 
  • Workshop Updates / Roadshow